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The OSHA Doctor

For all of your OSHA compliance and workplace safety needs.

Workplace Safety and Health -- A Smart Business Decision

Establishing a comprehensive, compliant workplace safety and health program is a smart business decision. We can easily correlate the direct costs of non-compliance with OSHA requirements - OSHA citations and penalties and abatement costs. We can also see the direct costs associated with not providing a safe and healthful workplace - workers' comp costs and high insurance premiums and medical costs for treatment of injured employees. However, we often overlook these indirect costs:

  • Wage dollars lost on accident investigations/employee replacement (overtime & temp employee costs)
  • Dollars spent on new employee orientation/employee training
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Costs for job accommodations for injured workers
  • Equipment repair/property loss
  • Decreased productivity and quality
  • Decreased employee morale
  • Increased employee absenteeism
  • Damaged employee relations/employee complaints to OSHA
  • Third party liability
  • Corporate reputation as a caring employer

    Indirect costs of workplace injuries and illnesses are estimated to be 5 to 20 times the direct costs. Can your company afford OSHA citations, loss of accreditation or unsafe working conditions? Non-compliance is not an acceptable cost of doing business.
    The OSHA Doctor can help you achieve comprehensive OSHA compliance, protect your employees and save your company money.

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